Rule Engine

A Rule Engine is a component that determines whether messages should be assigned to real Users or bot Users. Rule Engine will also help you group WhatsApp users automatically based on the users’ input.

In the Rule Engine Admin Panel section, you can configure the Default Rule Engine or set a Custom Rule Engine. A Custom Rule Engine will be an API provided by you or a third party, and this requires some coding skills.

Using the Default Rule Engine, you can configure some automation without any programming knowledge or skills. In contrast to the Custom Rule Engine, the Default Rule Engine enables some additional features like automated replies.

Default Rule Engine

Default Rule Engine is the rule engine that runs by default when there is no Custom Rule Engine configured.

The Default Rule Engine provides you with an easy UI where you can configure automation workflows that will make it easier for you to handle a large volume of incoming messages concurrently or to complete your transactions more easily.

Better concurrency

When more messages are received than you and your team can realistically handle, bots and keywords can be of great use for you. With keywords, you can prompt your WhatsApp contacts to choose specific branches of the conversation, so that users are grouped automatically without your team’s manual intervention. By doing this you’ll save a lot of time and your team can shift their focus to more productive stuff.

See keyword-driven examples:

When some more complex conversations are needed, a bot is needed. A bot can be implemented using our Integration API. The Rule Engine can be configured so that human agent intervention is needed only in certain situations - again saving your time so that you can perform more conversations simultaneously.

Easier transactions

Easier transactions means more transactions. A messaging app transaction can vary from requesting a video conference appointment to ordering a taxi cab to buying a product or service.

Nearly all transactional workflows can be made easier when introducing bots into the game. Often a bot will take care of the conversation from the very beginning, handing it over to one of your agents only when it’s really needed (ideally never!). For this to happen, something needs to be able to decide between bot or real person being assigned to certain Chat. This something is exactly the Rule Engine component.

See bot-based examples:

Custom Rule Engine

Read more about Custom Rule Engine in Integration API docs.