Inbox Admin Panel

Admin Panel

This page shortly outlines selected Admin Panel features, describing each of Admin Panel sections:

Bulk messages

This page shows all Bulk Messages created by you and how they performed:

  • Recipients - how many recipients were targeted directly with this bulk message

  • Tags - how many Tags were targeted with this bulk message

  • Total - total messages to be sent from this Bulk Message object

  • Done - how many messages are done already - you can track the progress here.

  • Errors - if any, this column will have a link to a list of errors

  • Sender user - which Inbox user created this Bulk Message object

  • Timestamp and Time - when this Bulk Message object was created by Sender User

Business profile

You can update your WhatsApp Business Profile here. Changes should be visible to WhatsApp users in a matter of minutes.

Media files

This list contains files uploaded via Web App or Integration API.

Files are automatically deleted (oldest to newest) when your inbox exceeds the storage quota (default is 4GB).


You can manage permissions for selected users here


Here you can activate officially supported Plugins and external Plugins.

Please contact us directly before connecting a plugin that requires testing access. You need to be added to the testing group before using it. This will add you to the early adopters group that are helping us to test the work-in-progress integrations. We appreciate your participation!

Admin Panel Plugins section

Rule Engine

A Rule Engine is a component that determines when messages should be assigned to real Users or bot Users. Rule Engine will also help you to group WhatsApp Users automatically based on users’ input.

You can configure Default Rule Engine here or set a Custom Rule Engine. Custom Rule Engine will be an API provided by you or third party that requires some coding skills.

Using Default Rule Engine, you can configure some automation without any programming needed. As opposed to Custom Rule Engine, with Default Rule Engine you will get some additional features like automated replies.

Read more about Rule Engine

Saved responses

You can manage Saved Responses in this section, but you can also do that via Web App directly.

Saved Responses allow you to quickly reply to WhatsApp Users during 24h Customer Care Window. Remember that after 24h has passed, you are limited to Template Messages only.


Create Tags to group WhatsApp Users or manage statuses of your transactions, leads or orders.

User groups

Group Inbox Users (agents) to be able to restrict multiple users with the same set of rules.


Here you can manage your Inbox Users.

WABA Webhooks

In this section you can manage WABA Webhooks. Integration API provides a (de)multiplexing solution of original WhatsApp Business API (WABA) webhook. WABA itself allows you to integrate only one webhook. With our API you can set up multiple per-user webhooks.

Read more about WABA Webhooks in WhatsApp Integration API docs.